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Happy New Year! Happy 2017!! Screw Resolutions, Let’s Live One Day At A Time

Happy New Year, folks!!

A new year has begun leading way to new opportunities to do things differently this year. It’s time to leave behind the shackles of 2016 and start afresh, no matter how yester years had been.

Happy New Year

Ideally, this is how you should be feeling, however, when the new year party comes to an end, there is overwhelming need to make utopian resolutions for the particular year. There is no shortage of grandiose plan for the imminent future. This usually makes the great start off to the New Year end up being worrisome.

So, is making resolutions a waste of time? Should you be doing them if it bothers you so much?

Well, the short answer is ‘yes’, however, the longer answer needs a bit more explanation.

This year, instead of making grandiose promises to ourselves, let’s resolve to make simpler and feasible promises that doesn’t need your entire year to be sorted.

The beauty of life is in actually living it and not idealizing how it is supposed to be. Make realistic and small commitments that will actually add on gradually for a cumulative effect.

For example, instead of making a resolution that you are gonna lose 10 kgs, how about planning to be physically active at least for 30 minutes a day?

Sounds feasible right?!

But why shouldn’t we set big goals?

There are so many unknown factors in your life. Your family or financial circumstances may change, or you might go through some emotional changes. These factors affect the outcome of your goal. Even though you have valid reasons for not achieving your goal, you feel like a failure at the end of the year when you don’t reach your goal.

You have to be ready to change your plans, your means of achieving it and when you will be doing it.

So, start small and end big.

Bottom line: Goals are meant for bettering our self but shouldn’t be forced upon especially when the time isn’t right. Take one step at a time and take time to enjoy the sceneries as life passes by.

Thanks for reading!

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